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Science Communication

I love telling others about my work and other cool science out there! My favorite part of doing research is sharing what I've found and engaging others in it. I've participated in and led many K-12 outreach events, public awareness of events, and most recently, science writing. I am also passionate about ocean policy and communication in that field. Check out my science policy work and policy-related communications here.
To read my science writingclick here. To read some fun flyers about cool animals & researchers: click here.


The Loh Down on Science

Special Pandemic Edition in Spanish

To reach a broader audience and to be more inclusive, I worked in a team to translate and record pandemic-related science from the special pandemic edition of the NPR segment, The Loh Down on Science, into Spanish.


CLEAN Education

Earth Science Day - Oceans Room

April 29th, 2019

As part of CLEAN Education (a graduate student-led K-12 climate change outreach program), I co-organized the "Ocean" room for our Earth Science Day. K-8 Vista Verde students were able to learn and get hands-on fun with a tide pool touch tank (seen above), ocean plastics True/False wheel, ocean acidification simulation, and water sampling techniques.


Plastic Pollution Outreach

Periodically help with beach clean ups and plastic pollution outreach events. In the past, I have helped educate the public about plastic pollution and plastic alternatives during an Earth Day and Homecoming tabling event at UCI. 


I wrote, and now edit, for the NPR segment The Loh Down on Science. I wrote 180-word, radio-ready scripts that transform complex science papers into easy listening for the public. Then, the amazing Sandra Tsing Loh reads them on NPR. ​


Girls in Ocean Science Conference

Ocean Institute, Dana Point, CA

February 15th, 2020

I participated as a guest scientist speaker for the conference. I organized and led a 40 min lesson on mussel activity where students tested their prediction about tide height and mussel size. Students learned to use calipers to measure mussels, collect data, enter data into excel, and interpret their results. In addition, they had a few minutes to dissect a mussel. I had a great time!


December 2020 - Ongoing

I've participated in Skype a Scientist twice since Decemeber 2020! I spoke with high schoolers about my career path and research. I created and engaged 3rd grade students in several activities to learn about the intertidal and animal adaptations. I recently led a lesson and discussion about climate change, weather, and ocean animals with 5th graders.


School on Wheels

Summer STEM Outreach Program 

June 2019

School on Wheels is a nonprofit organization dedicated to tutoring homeless children in California. 

I served as a tutor in the program and participated as a guest speaker for their summer program. I gave a short lecture on marine invertebrates and tidepools the first day followed by a touch tank with snails, mussels, and hermit crabs! The second day, we learned about biodiversity and food webs. The children learned to calculate biodiversity (richness & evenness) and construct food webs. Along the way, I also answered questions about my career and research.  

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